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In recent days, Anping County covers an area of 90 acres of peaceful park construction site is being constructed, county North New Road, New Ying Street, Cape Huang Boulevard and 12 green road upgrading project and has also launched the "green Anping" image in the newyear would be done.
2010 was "three years" in the last year, Anping grasp the opportunity, and strive to build a high level of urban development, building a new grade.To speed up the pace of urban construction, the county based on the complete function, aiming to create "livable and Enterprise" county%27s goals, the full implementation of urban construction and management throughout the year, "10 key" tasks, in changing the face of the town seek new breakthroughs.They have been accelerating the pace of building peace parks, the park "Green Pavilion", the entrance arch of wood, stone columns and relief Anping Eight wall, and cultural buildings such as the main framework of the corridor is now complete.As temperatures rise, park greening projects are in full swing.The county will vigorously implement the County Public Street, Hongqi Street, Yuhua Road, the road of 7 comprehensive treatment, and further enhance the North New Road, New Ying Street, Cape Huang Boulevard and 12 road greening.Also, they speed up the value of Change and Hutuohe Paul bridge building, the demolition will be completed this year, an area of 600,000 square meters or more, effectively improve the overall image of the county seat, improve people%27s quality of life.Greatly improve the county%27s sewage treatment plants and garbage disposal management, water pumping station on the county seat capacity increase, and continuously improve the ability of county Drainage; really good grasp of county east and north entrances landscape transformation, the people of the County Street, Centre Road, North New Road, the main streets such as the implementation of part of the landscape three-dimensional packaging, construction, street boutique building, town streets to create bright landscape; in September before the main street buildings in the implementation of planned, high quality paint.
The county also focus on enhancing urban contemporary atmosphere of the first two years of demolition of illegal building demolition humble old place for high-standard construction, effectively updating the city%27s image to maximize the town look big change.Actively planning to construct a county wide high-speed connection line, an area of 10 hectares of ecological parks and bus stations, funeral parlors, martyrs cemetery relocation project, further improve the county functions.
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