Specification Description of Punching Mesh  
  Plate thickness or plate number  
  Width & length  
  Margin leaving  
  Hole arrangement  
  Hole diameter & centre-to-centre distance  
  Cutting & bending  
Material Top
Baima Wire Mesh Manufacture Co., Ltd. can apply different kinds of plates in punching; the conventional ones are listed below:
Carbon steel plate
Galvanized plate
Stainless steel plate
Aluminum plate
Aluminum galvanized plate
Plate thickness or plate number Top

The plate thickness of punching meshes will not change during punching. The thickness is generally represented by plate number; please refer to plate thickness checklist. However, the thickness is more often represented by "MM" and "INCH" in order to express more clearly.。
Width & Length Top
The conventional widths and lengths are listed below:
1000MM X 2000MM 1220MM X 2440MM 1250MM X 2500MM
1250MM X 6000MM 1500MM X 3000MM 1500MM X 6000MM
Baima Wire Mesh Manufacture Co., Ltd. is perfectly capable of manufacturing products of other sizes at the request of customers.
Margin leaving Top
Margin leaving generally refers to the non-punched area of the punching mesh margins. Generally, a 20 mm-margin is left in the length direction; either completely punching (without margin) or leaving margins according to customer requirements can be realized in the width direction.
Hole Arrangement Top
Generally, round holes can be arranged in the following 3 modes:
Other hole patterns and arrangements can be customized according to customer requirements.
Round Hole, 60°, Staggered
Round Hole, 45°, Staggered
Round Hole, Straight Row
Hole Diameter & center-to-center distance Top
Cutting & Bending Top
Baima Wire Mesh Manufacture Co., Ltd. can cut and bend punching meshes according to customer requirements.
Post-treatment Top
Baima Wire Mesh Manufacture Co., Ltd. is capable of the following post-treatments according to specific requirements of customers:
No Treatment
Most of the punching meshes are required to keep the natural state without any treatment after punching whatever materials they are of.
Oil Spraying
Since the goods may be wetted in the containers by seawater during the long-time transport by sea, some customers require the iron plate punching meshes to be sprayed in order to prevent the goods from rust.
Plastic Spraying/ Plastic Dipping
Baima Wire Mesh Manufacture Co., Ltd. can customize plastic spraying/ plastic dipping of various colors according to customer requirements. However, for some special colors, there may be required on minimum order quantity.
Packaging Top
Punching meshes are generally packaged with wooden pallets packed with blister cards, each with a bearing capacity of 1 to 2.5 tons.
If customers have special requirements for packaging, e.g. requiring pallets welded by iron pipes, we promise to satisfy such requirements with the costs slightly increased.