Punching process starts with accurate mould design. We believe the quality of products is determined to the largest extent by the quality of moulds. Therefore, we have invested large amounts of capital on moulds in recent years, enabling our mould manufacturing capacity to improve dramatically.

We have advanced CNC equipments capable of punching high quality products of 2000 m2 per day, with the plate thickness varying from 0.1 mm to 25 mm.

Cut the complete roll of plate into the sizes you desire.

Edge Trimming
If the plate edge exceeds the tolerance range you required during manufacturing, we can send skillful technicians to eliminate the excess edges at your request.

We can restore the deformed punching plates after punching into their initial level status with leveling machines. The plates with a thickness between 0.8 mm to 12 mm can be leveled.

During the punching process, lubricant is required. However, we also have an oil removing process to eliminate the traces on surface of the orifice plate to keep it clean.

Forming & Deep Processing
Besides customer ordering, we also provide a series of subsequent processing for you, including: leveling, cutting, labeling, packaging, oil removing, burr removing, forming, annealing, painting, electroplating, welding, grinding, bending and scrolling etc.

Surface Treatment
Punching, leveling and cutting and the like will result in incompleteness of plates appearance which is acceptable for most common industrial products. If you have special requirements, we can prevent the plates from such incompleteness by additional measures as powder or paint spraying, electro galvanizing, hot galvanizing and anodic oxidation etc.