Notice for Customer
Dear Customer:
Thank you for your interest in the products such as punching mesh, sieve plate, vibrating sieve, dust mesh etc produced by Baima Wire Mesh Manufacture Co., Ltd. In order to save valuable time and provide you with quotation quickly, please make sure that the following detailed specification information is included in your inquiry.
For the following information is an indispensable factor in cost accounting, so the price that is not based on the following information is meaningless and irresponsible. Please understand that Baima Wire Mesh Manufacture Co., Ltd arranges production and quotation in accordance with customer's specific requirement, and we don't guess the specification that customer might need.
Necessary specification information in cost accounting (The relevant explanations can be found in the corresponding introduction of our website.).
Material: Galvanized plate, aluminum-zinc alloy, carbon steel plate, aluminum plate, stainless steel and so on(Please make a clear indication such as 304, 316, etc.).
  • Selection of Plate
  • You shall consider two aspects of requirement and application, and product cost when you select plate. For example, you shall use high-price alloy for the material if you'd like to reduce the thickness of plate. The hardness and intensity of plate directly determine the size and arrangement pattern of hole. And you should know that the general plate is easier to be accepted than the particular one. We can provide the following types of plate: stainless steel, carbon steel, zinc plate, galvanized plate, aluminum plate, brass, copper, composite plate, fiber board, rubber plate, paper board, wooden board, Al-Mg alloy plate, nickel plate, fiber board, PVC board and various compositions.

  • Types of Punch:
  • Round hole, square hole, slotted hole, triangular hole, scale-like hole, diamond hole, elliptical hole, hexagonal hole and oblong hole.

  • Hole Diameter:
  • Generally, the hole diameter shall be greater than or equal to the thickness of plate, namely, it shall fit for minimum hole diameter principle. The closer the hole diameter you required is to the thickness of plate, the harder the processing difficulty, and the higher the processing charge. In some materials, hole diameter can be made lower than the thickness of plate. The minimum of hole diameter we produce can reach up to 0.08mm. You can propose any particular requirements, and our experienced mould designer would try to meet your requirement with the best price as possible.

  • Arrangement
  • We can process all sorts of difficult hole patterns and designs. Although it needs certain additional processing charge, our price is reasonable as for the common hole pattern.
    (1)60° staggered: 60° plum-blossom arrangement becomes the most popular choice by its natural high-intensity, broad perforated rate, and attractive appearance.
    (2)45°staggered: Compared with the former, 45° plum-blossom arrangement offers an alternative.
    (3)Straight row: Another arrangement pattern of round hole is straight row. It also has all kinds of holes and open porosities, but it has the worst anti-pressure in the round hole series.
    (4)Square hole: Compared to round hole, square hole provides bigger perforated rate, but it has a lower anti-pressure. Therefore, it is widely used in the decoration table of shops and protection cover of machines as well as other places that have a high requirement to the visibility of the products.
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