In the past few years, we have provided many constructive solutions for a lot of customers from different corporations and have established stable relationships with them. We will wholeheartedly support you with our knowledge, experience and devotion spirit. At present, we have more than 20 equipments such as CNC punching machines, gantry semi-automatic punching machinery, plate shearing machines and 100t four-column hydraulic presses. In addition, we also have one set of lithography equipment and one set of etching equipment and certain plate leveling machines, furling plate round machines, argon-arc welding machines, cutting machines as well as other machines. Furthermore, we have newly purchased bending machines to bend your products.
Experience Advantages
With many years of hole-punching experience, the punching products of Baima have been quite mature either on precision or production efficiency. We have some mould designers with more than 10 years of working experience, enabling us to provide various hole diameters, hole types and arrangement modes, as well as design moulds according to different requirements for plate thicknesses etc. We are also staffed with a number of skillful senior technicians, which enable production work to be carried out in good order.
We have a famous national management company as our business planning advisor, which designed mid-term, short-term and long-term development plans for us, trained our workers to improve our cohesiveness and core competitiveness, and implemented many breakthroughs for our Company.

Technical Advantages
We adopt the new and high technology by combining CNC punching machines and CNC feeders, and novel special punching mould, and are able to process punching components with the maximum size of 2.0 m (width) x 6 m (length) x 30 mm (plate thickness), and stainless steel plates, iron plates, galvanized plates, aluminum-plastic plates, aluminum plates, copper plates, wood plates and PVC polyester plates etc. within the above specification. We can punch: round holes, elliptical holes, long waist holes, rectangular holes, multilateral holes, diamond shaped holes, star shaped holes, cross shaped holes, plum blossom shaped holes, louver shaped holes, light elongated holes and many other shapes of holes. The minimum punching diameter is 0.2 mm; hole arrangement precision is ≤ ±0.015 mm, hole arrangement form is 90 degrees × 60 degrees × 45 degrees. This technology is provided with man-machine conversation, computer automatic programming, CAD design, automatic feeding, automatic stamping and other functions; it can interpret all kinds of complex work piece graphics and patterns, ensuring high quality products with high precision and small errors.
Team Advantages
We have an excellent employee team. The team members love and respect their work, seek truth and strive for innovation with the philosophy of "all for customers", aiming to provide you with products and services of higher qualities. We firmly believe that the competition of enterprises, products and technologies are, in the final analysis, the competition of talents. Only with high-quality workers, can a high-quality enterprise be established and the initiative right in market is held firmly.