Anping Baima Wire Mesh Manufacture Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest manufacturers to produce perforated metal punching metal products. Our company has excellent mould technicians, superb punching technology, advanced CNC equipments, being able to punch holes as small as 0.2 mm, and has the superb technology of punching micro holes in thick plates. Weprofessionally produce and process screens, metal meshes, steel plate meshes, micro-hole plates, punching plates, porous plates, punching plates, sound-absorbing plates, noise-absorbing plates, noise insulation plates, sound insulation plates, honeycomb plates, honeycomb hole plates, speaker meshes, round-hole plates, round-hole meshes, round-hole steel plate meshes, speaker-box meshes, filter plates, filter meshes, strainer plates, strainer meshes, metal decorative hole plates, stainless steel plate punching holes, punching tapes, punching metal tapes, machine screens, sieves, sieve plates, orifice plates, punching screens, square hole meshes, steel aluminum plate meshes, muffler plates, copper plate meshes, expanded metal meshes,rotary sieves, sieve plate meshes, metal partitions, punching plates, sieve tubes, centrifuge basket, metal plate meshes, metal plate punching meshes, metal plate processing, metal hole plate tapes, punching plates, punching plate meshes, aluminum plate meshes, micro-hole aluminum plates, punching aluminum plates, peg board panels, peg board screens, CNC punching, CNC drilling, stainless steel hole plates, ceilings, aluminum ceilings, mining sieves, mesh sieves, base plates, wear-resisting sieves, I-shaped sieves, peg board plates, punching decorative plates, protective cover plates, stainless steel filter meshes, meshes, steel mesh plates, protective meshes, foot meshes, checkered plates and other products with all kinds of materials, specifications and shapes. We adopt the new and high technology by combining CNC punching machines and CNC feeders, and novel special punching mould. We are able to process punching components with the maximum size of 2.0 m (width) x 6 m (length) x 30 mm (plate thickness), and stainless steel plates, iron plates, galvanized plates, aluminum-plastic plates, aluminum plates, copper plates, wood plates and PVC polyester plates etc. within the above specification. We can punch: round holes, elliptical holes, long waist holes, oblong holes, multilateral holes, diamond holes, star shaped holes, cross shaped holes, plum blossom shaped holes, louver shaped holes, light elongated holes and many other shapes of holes. The minimum punching diameter is 0.2 mm; hole arrangement precision is ≤ ±0.015 mm, hole arrangement form is 90 degrees × 60 degrees × 45 degrees. This technology is provided with man-machine conversation, computer automatic programming, CAD design, automatic feeding, automatic stamping and other functions. It is able to interpret all kinds of complex work piece graphics and patterns, ensuring high quality products with high precision and small errors.

 Product Application: applicable to any home/commercial dishwashers, dishwasher stainless steel filter meshes; drying machine filter meshes/dryer rotating drum filter meshes. Automotive Industry: cylinder parts, exhaust devices, airbags, weight savers, automotive radiators, high-grade automotive audios, speaker covers. Sugar Industry: sugar-sludge filter meshes, sugar-beet press meshes, beet cleaning meshes, diffuser plate, batch centrifuges, and vacuum filter without cloths. Food Industry: various filter meshes, shelf decoration, separators, malt processing equipments, liquor-making equipments; gourmet powder factories. Machinery Industry: noise-isolation and elimination barriers on both sides of highways. Telecommunication equipments: electrical cabinet casings/chassis. Chemical industry: chemical equipments, filtration separation equipments. Mining Industry: minerals screening etc. Airline Industry: cooling devices, aerospace/aviation equipments. Environmental Protection Industry; waste water treatment, waste water filtration. Agriculture: various agricultural equipments, grain screening machines, all kinds of dryers, hammer mills, grinders, combine harvesters. The meshes can be used on the working platforms, escalators, walkways and other equipments of tanker truck foot meshes, heavy machinery, boilers, oil and mine wells, locomotives and ships of 10000 tons etc.
Our Company has been sticking to the purpose of “honest operation, perfect service, self-perfection and seeking excellence” and the philosophy of “striving for survival with top quality and promoting development with good reputation”. Our aim is to provide excellent services with our “faithful” spirit, and establish long-term cooperative relationships with customers in the spirit of mutual benefit.
In a word, we will sincerely provide you with excellent products and services of favorable prices with our greatest passion.